Grettings newground-ers! I'd like everyone here who listen to this music (you guys seem to be the most avid, active listeners) that you should really come give us a like on facebook if you want to be kept up-to-date on the latest going-ons the reason I bring this up now? Because I (and a couple friends) have been hard at work on what will hopefully be a full length album, and this time with vocals - however I don't visit newgrounds everyday, so anytime I post on here will be primarily for major updates now this being the case I'd like to invite anyone who cares to come like the facebook now prior to the regular updates on the album coming alond (proabably to start in the next 48 hours) and for anyone who doesn't have it - here it is:

New music and more to come

2014-08-14 11:35:17 by BAvinnie

Just came out with a new EP, after all these years I actually have submitted something I care about, I hope you guys dig it and I already have another release planned hopefully with vocals I'm already writing up the concept for the lyrics, stay tuned!

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Lyrics and thats about it....

2008-08-02 05:34:00 by BAvinnie

=0 the only thing i have to say here is that I recently sent one of my favirote audio-artist (twilightnecrosis) some lyrics for one of his songs (Endless Nightmare) and he basically approved them for use in it, in other words hes gonna use them but there was 1 stanza he didn't like so hes throwing that one out but im just happy i could help one of my favirote audio-artist out in one of their pieces of work and i can't wait for him to do the vocals for it =) other then that I've been being pretty useless around here - but I am trying to work on something to submit here (audio portal-wise) as soon as I can! (Nothing to look forward to most likely it's gonna suck)
If those links dont work let me know!
Also heres one of my favirote songs by twilightnecrosis Id like to promote: Adapt to the Horde
( It has Vocals =) )